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Tears of the Sun is a captivating movie, which is characterized by violence where Christians are butchered, tortured and killed by Muslim Fulanis in Nigeria. The violent scenes witnessed in the movie are horrifying. At the beginning of the movie, there is a real violent scene, which was recorded in a neighboring country, Sierra Leon. The Navy SEAL unit is sent with choppers to rescue the four Americans who are held captive in Nigeria by the Muslim Fulanis. The SEAL unit is under the leadership of lieutenant Waters. While the mission of the SEAL unit was to rescue the American doctor and other missionaries, lieutenant Waters could not afford to leave other Africans suffering under the hands of the Muslim Fulanis. He decides, together with a doctor, to go back and rescue the suffering patients. The way out was to walk in the endangered jungle and go to the neighboring country Cameroon. According to Waters, it was ethical and right to rescue the patients rather than the doctor and the missionaries and leave other people suffering.

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The movie is characterized by violence where Muslim troops are killing innocent Christians. Breastfeeding mothers are bombarded, and their breasts are chopped off. There are numerous horrific scenes in the movie where Christians are tortured and killed. As lieutenant Waters and the patients are moving in the jungle, they witness numerous Christian villagers being tortured and killed by the Muslim Fulanis. In other words, the movie can be argued to be an intense and thrilling movie, which is characterized by graphic and ruthless violence. The atrocities perpetrated by the Muslim Fulanis have left the entire Christian population in grief. The patients, some of which are weak, would rather walk for long distances, than wait to witness the grief of torture and death. Societal beliefs played a key role in the film by depicting Muslims and Christians as rivals. Society has placed a boundary between the Christians and the Muslims.

In conclusion, the movie can be said to be true reminiscent of the violence that is perpetrated by Muslims in Africa. The main intention of the movie is to show the compassion that other people should have for the needy in society.

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