Why I Have Chosen to Study MBA at London School of Commerce

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I am interested in pursuing a Master of Business Administration at the London School of Commerce. I graduated from the Kazakh British Technical University and worked as a project engineer at TengizChevrOil Refinery branch office of Chevron. Due to the fact the university is under the auspices of the Kazakh and British governmental authorities, it is logical that I want to continue my education in London to gain more experience from foreign colleagues. Indeed, international orientation can provide me with new knowledge of commercial relations and business management as well as with new opportunities for meeting new people. I am attracted by the objectives and opportunities that are offered at the school. In particular, the main objectives of the establishment is utilizing the best learning techniques as well as ensuring that students understand how the acquired skills could be used in financial and accounting activities. Additionally, oral and written communicational skills contribute greatly to the promotion of international relations.

While studying at university, I have obtained valuable experience in managing technical and engineering programs. Indeed, this knowledge is essential for my further study of managing financial activities and introducing novelties that can promote more accurate information exchange. Under the supervision of competent and experienced professors, I have managed to acquire valuable skills for working in the global competitive environment and continue education in different spheres. Finally, the training program I was involved in was oriented to providing fundamental technical knowledge and placed emphasis on morality and commitment to cultural values. Although local values were highly appraised, I am aware of cultural diversity and the necessity for practicing mutual respect and collaboration to expand my knowledge and experience in the field.

While working in BSc in Offshore Techniques and Technologies, I have realized that international cooperation promotes greater information exchange. I have received appraisal and recognition for my professional and career endeavors. However, I plan to continue advancing my skills because professionalism must constantly be increased with regard to the external standards. Hence, my personal goals stand beyond the accepted limits because I always try to prove my ability, intelligence, and competence and invest in my professional and intellectual growth.

London School of Commerce is the very place where all my goals and aspirations can be accomplished. I am sure that your professional staff will be able to give me new knowledge and experience. It is the driving force that can help me develop all dimensions of my personality. Therefore, I am more concerned with enhancing my competence rather than receiving high grades. Indeed, gaining knowledge is always a challenging path, but I am ready to overcome all obstacles. The main benefit of the program offered at LSC lies in the development of multiple facets of my profession, including communication, technical and financial knowledge. Additionally, thorough knowledge and understanding should be the pillars of any learning process to demonstrate comprehension and critical awareness.

Although I have experience in working as a technical engineer, I believe that your school will provide me with practical and professional skills related to business and environmental fields. I am specifically interested in mastering such skills as data analysis and collection, critical analysis, formulation of judgment, and objective reporting. As soon as I acquire these skills, I can improve my critical thinking and creativity and combine my experience with new knowledge and competence to continue self-development and personal growth. In fact, the objectives established at LSC inspire me to explore new facets of my skills and abilities.

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