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The U.S. soldiers massacred Native Americans in the Indian community of South Dakota. In the period between 1973 and 1976, many individuals were murdered, including the American Indian Movement members. Despite the fact that perpetrators were charged for the committed crime, Peltier remained to be the one who was convicted for murdering two FBI agents. The film depicts the case with contrasting pieces of evidence along with suggestions regarding the victims’ innocence. Unfair trials led to Peltier’s conviction. The movie goes ahead to show claims of how Wilson and the Guardians of Oglala Nation, referred to as GOON squad, were individuals behind the murders. It is difficult to justify the truth because of the lack of investigation by the authorities.

Only three persons are indicted for the FBI agents’ murders. The trials confirmed that two of them were not guilty since their behavior was considered as a way of self-defense. Such a case has confused the FBI, and they decided to force the conviction of Peltier. In order to ensure their plea was appealed, they started setting up a case against him. However, the trial case was later falsified by the perjury and intimidation of the witnesses. Another issue is evidence that the case has been manufactured. Peltier’s conviction came after the first judge had been removed and another judge who was close to the FBI had been assigned. The case is based on the prejudice of the judge and jury since they are of the white race. The movie also demonstrates how FBI cases lack sequences and generate allegations with false ideas.

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The positive idea is the way it indicates the gaps in the criminal justice system and away the gaps need to be filled in reference to Peltier. The film is also about the indication of oppression and genocide occurred in Indian communities. Such cases may have been represented in various forms, but they were all directed towards American Indians. The movie underscores the unreliable character of the critical evidence that may be necessary for the criminal justice system. The incident at Oglala has fictional scenes. The activities related to the GOON squad, such as reports of victims as well as Wilson’s image, seem to have been depicted from a daytime dramatic life case.

The movie shows an important criminal case since the challenges of the growing political consciousness in the Indian community are still present. The documentary competently demonstrates the evidence in a straight and obvious manner. Without being strident, Incident at Oglala remains an ardently meticulous and forceful record of a disgraceful set of circumstances.

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