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The movie “Home Alone” written and produced by John Hughes is one of the best Christmas movies that were made by the film industry in the last two decades. Comedy is a mixture of humor and pain, human instincts and emotions. “Home Alone” is a great establishment of Christmas tradition, which brings its spirit to every home.

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Kevin McCallister, the main hero of the story, is featured by Macaulay Culkin. This average American child resides with a large family, which becomes approximately four times bigger during Christmas time. Many children of the relatives who come to visit the family of McCallisters always tease little Kevin, so he wishes that one day all his family have disappeared.

The aforementioned one day has come, and one morning Kevin wakes up to find out that his parents and all of the relatives have disappeared. Having faced such a situation, a little child starts doing everything that was not allowed to do when his parents were at home. Kevin starts having ice cream for breakfast, jumping on the bed, managing his brother’s room, watching various violent films, etc. As it comes obviously further in the movie, his parents have not disappeared but left him at home accidentally before going for Christmas to Paris.

Besides Kevin’s every-day household activities like going shopping, doing laundry, and keeping the house, a little child has to deal with two burglars who decided about the McCallister’s residence to be their next place of theft. They did not realize that little Kevin is more than prepared for their arrival. He prepared a real plan with all of the strategic steps in case something will go wrong and is ready to protect his house as a real American.

I am aware of the fact that this film becomes a traditional Christmas and New Year time spending for many families around the world. Many people not only enjoy the film produced and written by John Hughes but find it quite inspiring. No wonder that all of his other movies are very positive. It may be the reason because of his classical level approach. The way he writes the script fits perfectly in what the audience wants to watch at the final result. There is nothing that is desired to be changed or added.

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As for the acting, all of the crew were chosen with a great sense of the right actor for every role. Despite the fact that many can argue whether Macaulay Culkin was at his best in this movie, he is the one who made the film the most memorable and provokes the desire to watch it over and over again.

The characters of Kevin’s family are chosen perfectly. His parents are total opposites in characters: Kevin’s father is very laid back and calm, whereas his mother is quite nervous almost throughout the whole movie. Like all mothers, she worries a lot about Kevin as it is her natural instinct to care for the child. Other family members demonstrate the typical American family representatives. They are all very different and special, which makes the whole film also special. Thus, this is the movie that brings relaxation and a good mood, which means that it is worth watching from time to time despite it is a more than twenty years old film.

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