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Big Night by the outstanding artists Stanley Tucci, Campbell Scott, and Joseph Tropiano is not only a story about the passion and food, but also a substantially a deep movie about the love-hate relationship between the art and business. It is a lyrical food movie that tells about two Italian brothers, namely Primo and Secondo, played by Tony Shalhoub and Stanley Tucci respectively. They emigrated from their motherland to the United States of America with the purpose of opening a restaurant of their own. Primo is a quick-tempered and talented cook, who does not want to waste his talent on cooking ordinary dishes, which are expected by clients. Secondo tries to hold the restaurant afloat, although they do not have enough visitors and, thus, can lose a family business. Their neighbor, who is the owner of the extremely successful restaurant, gives the brothers a helping hand when he suggests arranging the benefit performance of his friend, a famous jazz musician in their restaurant and inviting many visitors. Primo starts preparing a masterpiece, namely one of the most significant banquets of his life for the “big night” of the brothers. On the banquet, two Italian men are expected to show all their virtuosity, talent, and skills to make a miracle that will save their family business.

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In the virtuous hands of a good chef, cooking is an art that demands good skills and considerable devotion of the chef to his work. After all, the taste of food depends on the emotion, with which a chef prepares his or her dishes. A real chef is like an artist, who creates paintings, whereas the chef’s hands and kitchen utensils become pencils, while the table represents an easel. If the artist does not like what he or she is doing, a masterpiece will never be created, and the artist will remain unknown. Like a real master, the chef can captivate the hearts of visitors of the restaurant by a refined taste of dishes, while their design can represent a real masterpiece, which a visitor is sometimes even afraid to ruin the beauty of the overall composition by eating it.

The history of Italian cuisine is shown in this film. The main role in the “Big Night” belongs to the art of cooking and is closely linked with the traditions and mentality of the hot-tempered Italians. It tells what one needs to know about a chef’s love and respect for food. In this movie, viewers learn much about Italian cuisine. In order to appreciate the beauty of Italian food adequately, a person should know at least something about the gastronomic traditions of this country. Watching the scene, where the chef is cooking fancy dishes for his guests, viewers will get a desire to go to the Italian restaurant and arrange the “big night” for themselves.

A remarkable spirit, outstanding characters, and fabulous acting! Bellissimo!

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